LGBT-refugees are not a problem.

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So different homophobia

Homophobia is still very much a real battle around the world. Homophobic people look at you differently. They point and laugh and call you names. They’ve called you an abomination, faggot, queer. But they haven’t called you a human. They haven’t called you a person. I know how difficult it is to be gay in THIS society.

Gaycase protection

In seeking protection

Since early childhood I have suffered discrimination. I was victim to both violence and humiliation because of my sexual orientation. The abuse began at school and followed me to university, and continued after I graduated. My discrimination knew no isolation of location. I have suffered discrimination and judgment in educational facilities, at work, in hospitals from staff members and even the police. Understanding was absent from my parents and loved ones. I was constantly afraid, even in my own home. Each day, the fear increased as I left the house with the dread that I might be beaten or killed. Yes, I tried to fight. But fighting intensified my anxiety and created more danger in my life.

Three years ago I left my country and moved to Sweden. Since my move, I have worked full-time trying to prove the truth, so often discounted by others, that it's unbearable to be gay in a homophobic country.

In seeking justice

All that we need is objective review of LGBTQ-cases.
We can confidently say that despite the statements made by Migrationsverket (Swedish Migration Agency) about its LGBT-friendly policies, gay refugees’ rights are completely unprotected when they arrive, in need of social protection and objective examinations of their cases. The fault for this lack of understanding is not due to the ignorance of only one group and includes: immigration authorities who ignore their country’s guidelines and recommendations for dealing with gay refugees as well as the inability of gays to be fully open to immigration authorities. This is compounded by the lack of experience of lawyers who work with LGBT people.

Ironically, gay people who have chosen to seek asylum in Sweden, face similar problems of those they wished to escape in their country. Because of this, Migrationsverket acts against government policy aimed at protecting the rights of sexual minorities.

Gaycase justice

In seeking help

As a group of activists and enthusiasts from different countries, we are not indifferent to the issue of gay refugees.

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Our goal is to teach LGBT refugees how to safely protect themselves while providing avenues for all refugees who seek escape and protection from homophobic countries, in Sweden and other countries in Europe.

Our mission is to help the Migration authorities to establish consistent and objective consideration for cases facing gay refugees, and to prevent the expulsion of those who are really in need of protection and asylum.


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